Wednesday, July 21, 2010

it's an ordinary day

so it may be a list day:

1. john found out yesterday that he is getting phased out of his job. he has 6 more months and then a bit of a severance package, but basically he's being laid off due to a company merger. I have mixed feelings about this. a bit of stress, just because it's income. but a bit of anticipation as well because I would really like him to love his job as much as I do AND be compensated fairly for the work he does. I don't really believe either are true right now. sometimes you have to be kicked out of the nest if you're going to learn to fly...

2. I bought a wee dyson today. the cheapest one I could find. plus I got first 25% off, then another 10% off. this is good. I've never had to buy a vacuum before, but I like this one. plus, it's orange!

3. I got curtain rods today. by next week I should have curtains installed downstairs [they're still being made]. THEN, I'll take some pictures!

4. I finished reading a book this week - I've been hesitant to talk about it because oprah was ranting and raving about it - and as of late, I've not been worshipping at the church of O. HOWEVER, the author of women, food & god was on last week and it caught my attention. and I bought the book. and I think I need to read it again. it's really about intuitive eating. listening to your body, etc. and it's about not dieting [which, let's be honest about, I am just not ready NOT to diet!!]. the principles do work alongside weight watchers though, so I've been trying to follow her eating guidelines AND still stay within my points. we'll see how that pans out for me on the scale.

5. my body hates rice. I like how it tastes, but man, the kickback is something fierce. life's too short to eat things that make my belly sad.

6. it's nate's 7th birthday tomorrow. good topic of conversation for tomorrow!

7. things are slowly getting done around the house - the rough grade outside was started today. we have a bobcat conveniently parked in our front yard. tomorrow someone's coming to fix my bathroom tub [I'd like cold water to come from the cold side and hot water to come from the hot side] and then on monday, they are fixing my bathroom cabinet. FINALLY!

8. went to guru for lunch today. lovely, as always!

9. I may be at the end of my list. super exciting times in the fraser house!

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