Sunday, July 18, 2010

let's go dancing tonight

okay, so for some reason I have the rankin family "you feel the same way too" stuck in my head. not too sure why, but hey, a decent song!

it's a list night.

1. my closet is done. [thanks to coralee!]
2. the desk is built & furniture basically arraigned in that space. [thanks to john!]
3. I despise where the cable outlets are located upstairs in this house.
4. friday night lights is the best show on television. kyle chandler [coach taylor] is a hottie.

5. I was down 2.4 today. yeah me. yeah vegas!
6. I am beginning to shut down the voice. the one in my head that feeds me lies.
7. I smoked a damn fine cigar tonight.
8. I've not had an ounce to drink in 24 hrs - ooohhhh! big lie! I reached #10 and realized I had a martini with lunch.
9. the boys and I had a seriously good time at the market today.
10. I had a most delicious time out with my good friend today - she took me to lunch on the patio at earls. it was lovely to spend the time!

okay, very random. each needs some explanation or context, but since it's 1:30 am, that'll have to wait until later!

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Sheliza said...

ooh wee, fine cigars are amazing!! I just stumbled upon your blog so I thought I would leave a little comment love. Have a great day!