Friday, July 16, 2010

more on change

change is not something I excel at. I don't think many of us do. decisions often come with consequences - good or bad. I think when we perceive ourselves as making a good choice, we don't often prepare our hearts and our heads for the change that those choices lead to. on the flip side, when we make poor/unwise choices, we are always sorta waiting for the ball to drop, knowing that actions have consequences.

I'd like to know how to better prepare for change. I've thought on this a lot and have a bit of a theory. now, I know you are all just DYING to know...! LOL the anticipation is just killing you, isn't it??

1. destressing. change is more easily handled when there are less stressers in our lives. the least amount of stress possible will always lead to less anxiety over change. seems rather obvious, eh? like not getting married during report cards or moving at the end of the school year or birthing a child in the middle of june. [yes, I have some experience here!!!]

2. be present. seriously. change is tough and sometimes painful, but you just have to live it. survive it. breath it in. enjoy it. laugh a ton, drink a ton, let the f-bomb slip occasionally. quit double guessing the whys and the hows and just enjoy the ride. totally easier said than done. it's kinda like a roller coaster. you seriously just have to hold on, [close your eyes if you're me!] and enjoy the ride. it's not really fun being all bumped around and such, but seriously, it's kinda cool - eyes closed or not - when you know you are hanging upside down over the hotel pool!

so I suppose I need to take a bit of my own medicine and stop trying to resist. the change has come. it has happened. now maybe I just need to destress and enjoy it.

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