Tuesday, July 20, 2010

life is a mystery

well, apparently I needed to vent last night. and apparently I needed some sleep.

I enjoy how the morning can cast new light on a new day. and how waking up to sun and not rain can really change my mood from "I don't want to get out of my bed" to "I can't wait to start my day". now legitimately, it's only 615 am and I am nowhere near ready to get up, but the sun is promising.

although the boys lost a trip to the space science centre today [poor bed time behaviour], I think it may be a bike-to-starbucks day.

I have forgotten how much I enjoy life from the second story. our last house was a one-floor wonder. I loved the big window in the front where you could watch the world go by, but our bedroom window was in the back and generally covered by trees. the apartment we had before the house had second story windows - lovely large ones where we watched creepy guy from upstairs go for walks. but our bedroom window in that place was super small. laying in bed and looking at my new bedroom window reminds me of the windows I had in the haunted house, when I lived with susan & shonnette. THAT was an amazing house! and oh the stories we could tell!! I just remember being given $20 from the neighbour lady and told to get her some wine! needless to say, the windows in that house were great. and this morning reminds me of that. I can't wait to get curtains that actually open [vs. the ones tacked to the wall!] so I can lay here and just watch the clouds and take in the new noises that are our street.

it may be early, but I am thinking of sneaking downstairs, putting on the coffee pot and sitting with my book for awhile - before the day really begins!

what do you do with early mornings? the ones that don't call you to work?

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