Tuesday, July 27, 2010

sittin' on the dock of the bay

okay, more realistically, sitting on my front step with my computer, my phone and my coffee. enjoying the silence. and the sun. now, let me clarify silence: I can hear the sounds of construction to my right - drills, hammers, swearing. some traffic on winterburn road behind me. and the damn grasshoppers in front of me [okay, well in the lovely flower patch across the street, but you get my drift! the kids are at soccer camp this week - full days, every day. drop them off at 830, pick them up around 5pm. I have big plans to get a lot done today - hang curtain rods, build a shelf or three, paint the basement floor...

but for now, I am going to sit in the hot sun, at 915 in the morning, drink my coffee, read some blogs and just enjoy.

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