Thursday, July 22, 2010

what I like about you

well, seven years ago today I was birthing the wee nate. he was in trama, I was belted to all the machines, epidural in place. he was an emergency c-section, so I don't really remember much, other that just wanting to be done. I had been at the hospital since the day before - my water had broken the afternoon before and they had induced labour. well, by 11:00 am, I was being prepped for surgery, since his heart rate kept going down. and, by 11:30 [or so!] nathaniel michael joseph fraser saw the world for the first time. john was the first one to hold him, while I was getting stitched up. sigh.

I make it sound like it was all smiles and daisies. yeah, no. the first kid gets the brunt of all the bad parenting! and although we're only 7 years in, and although I know there have been many, many tears and mistakes and hugs and kisses and cuddles, I do quite like the kid [most of the time!]...especially in the mornings when he is awake and lovely and kind. nate has turned into a smart, serious, sensitive boy who loves his brother, loves to read and loves sports. he is naturally coordinated and is skilled at most things with a ball!

happy birthday, my sweet son. I hope being 7 is full of adventure and fun!

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