Monday, July 26, 2010

I can't get no satisfaction

so today I painted. I did vertical stripes on nate's wall in elegant eggplant, wild wasabi [which looks more like certainly celery] and real read. I chose stripes because I hate cutting ceilings and baseboards!!! I wanted a quick fix of colourwithout doing an entire wall. when all was said and done, it wasn't that hard. I have a super laser level that sticks to the wall. turn it on, level it, stick it on, and put up your painters tape! do that a couple times at a couple of different levels and you have lovely stripes. THEN, you have my painting mishaps [they ALWAYS happen!] where I mucked up the corner. so, I went around the corner on a couple of the stripes and varied some of the lengths. this may drive my sister CRAZY,but I don't really care - it's a kid's room, not my living room!

then I did ty's room. I have a vision for ty's room that included a union jack on the wall, old cds attached to the wall, black lettering with band names, and some framed cd covers. a total british invasion/punk room. well, the union jack is done. that too was a ton of tape & lasers! I didn't use the level part, but I did use a piece of computer paper to get a right angle and an ikea ruler to measure the lines - the flag ratio of 2:3 was super important for it to look like a flag. so, 100cm x 150cm was my outline. then I taped off the center, then the diagonal lines - trying hard to follow a diagram! although there is a few differences between the real thing and my flag, I was SUPER impressed with how it turned out! tomorrow, the black paint is coming out!!! I'd also like to hang some industrial hooks for ty - to hang his guitars off of. and maybe I can find some old cds to start creating my one wall with. he is my kid that likes his music...but it's kinda turning into an old tlc/trading spaces/crazy doug room!!! LOVE!!

and I bought concrete paint for the basement. and the lovely canadian tire paint guy tinted it for me - AQUA!! that may be tomorrow's project!

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