Saturday, July 31, 2010

sweet caroline

how does it go? "good times never seemed so good". I think that can be said for lazy saturdays. the boys and I went to the farmers market in st. albert this morning. it was lazy and warm and lovely. we went with some friends and just took an enormous amount of time to wander through everything. and now I want a nap!

I have no energy for much else today - and I'm not too sure why. it's not like I did anything overly stressful this week! but I haven't been sleeping well and I think that's never super good. I have to say that I am having a tough time writing these last few days - I'm sure that's a bit obvious with my lack of enthusiasm!! I am trying really hard not to be so disconnected from my life, but I'm feeling a bit disconnected. distracted. generally out of sorts. and yes, this has been going on for a while now, but I'm getting a bit irritated by this. I need to snap out of it and just get on with it. and it's weird because it's not depression, just discontent. I am not super happy with how things are in my life. and it's me. all me. and I feel like I need to wake up and just take the reigns back. and I know that a really good portion of this comes from my health - I've stalled big time. not so much with how much or what I eat, but with exercise. I have been doing NOTHING. and the lack of general muscle tone is catching up to me!! so, I need some motivation. I need some incentive. I am going to see erika in seattle for thanksgivings in october. that is 11 weeks away. even if I could lose a pound a week, that would be 11 pounds. which would put me where I was last year at this time. if I could lose 11 pounds and firm up the ol' stomach/arm areas, THEN the 11 pounds would feel more like 20 because...well, it just would! so, I've been generally good about blogging this month [almost every day!!] and I think I am going to start using you all as my accountability. I know that I will sleep better, feel better and just be better if I take care of this body I've been entrusted with. and like I've said before, sometime behaviour needs to change before the attitude does! so, starting today, I'm going to log some cardo. and I'm going to pull out the weights and start taking care of these super flabby arms! and the day I get down to 189 [my nemesis!!] I am going to get my tattoo. and if I reach that by the time seattle comes, I'll make erika come with me!!!

who's with me??

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