Monday, August 02, 2010

boots like these

well, a successful long weekend.

I went for a 3k walk on sunday morning and did some push-ups along the way. holy dinah was I hurting this morning!! not feeling so hot today [could have more to do with my lack of sleep combined with the couple of margaritas I had last night] so I chose to nap, and not walk. I do have all my things set out for tomorrow morning though - I'd like to be up at 630 and do 30-45 minutes before John heads to work. we'll see. although I am feeling motivated tonight, who knows what that will translate to in the morning!

and this week is craft-space week...FOR REAL! I have 3 days to get it together, so tomorrow morning I begin! and since I'll have to take a break to go visit a wee baby this week [right, Suz?], it's more important for me to take advantage of the time tomorrow!!

and I'd like to say that I'll have basement pictures for you after tomorrow, but you never know!

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susan said...

Yep!! You better come visit!!! And bring Starbucks!! *wink*