Monday, August 23, 2010

take a bow

well. the full moon tonight explains a whole lot. it's almost 11:30 and nether kid is asleep. in as much as I love my summer holidays, I am so ready to go back to school and get back into the routine. THIS is brutal. ty's been sleeping in until 10:00 every morning. no wonder he's not tired. tomorrow is the start of a three day stretch of 7 am wake-ups. and by wednesday night, I predict that there will be some earlier bed times. ty's also in a weird growth spirt right now. I can't remember the last time he ate so much. the kid is ALWAYS hungry - and not for junk food, but for fruit and vegetables and bread! he ate a huge bun with pickles and mustard for supper [ham & cheese on the side, of course!!], cucumbers and peppers, a cookie, grapes, yogurt, a couple of cheese strings, potato salad, fruit snacks, all since 5 pm. it's nuts. he's always been a grazer, never a big meal eater, but I am not used to this from him! nate, on the other hand, is a big meal guy. three pieces of pizza for him is nothing. he wants pyrogies for supper, I make 10. he's a full meal guy. ty is a different sort [shocking]. this has all been at the same time as his sleep disruption. I sorta feel bad for the kid. and I am loving the foreshadowing of my life in 8-10 years. food, food and more food. I'm going to need a second job.

good thing he's so cute [both of them!]...I think I'll keep them around for a while longer! these pictures were taken at the market on saturday. we took ty to get some new school clothes and he insisted on wearing them all weekend. new shoes, new jeans, new t-shirt. he'll be the coolest kid in kindergarten!

and nate got new glasses last week. it makes my heart just so sad when I go to eye appointments with him. I have been there. I got my first pair of glasses in grade one and it was just totally downhill from there. nate has my eyes. he got his first pair of glasses last year and this year when we took him in, his prescription had almost doubled. poor kid. he is in for a lifetime of "which is better? this one? or this one?" [I HATE that part of the eye exam!]. so, he got two pairs of glasses [for the price of one!] - they are the same style only different colours. one pair is grey and one is brown. and they are spiderman glasses with some cool webbing on the arms! I think they're pretty handsome. ty is fairly jealous, so he's been really wearing the ol' "sunglasses-with-no-lenses" a lot more...hahaha!!

well, I opened up my laptop thinking I didn't have much to write about. guess I was wrong. one kid is now asleep. john is now asleep and my ty is still up - and super restless. sigh.

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