Friday, August 27, 2010

dreams on fire

so, went for a run this morning. I've run on the treadmill before, but seem to never get past running one & one's [walk one, run one]. I'm sure it's a psychological thing, but regardless, I struggle. well today, different treadmill, ran two & one's. and at one point, I pulled a three minute stretch! one of the things that helped was that rae's treadmill doesn't show the time constantly. it's fluctuates between time and distance. so I focused on my music and how I felt in the moment and not on how long I'd been at it. I am not at the point where I can do this for a solid 30 minutes, but when I can't run, I set the incline for 8 in the two minute stretch. and maybe best of all, I felt great. I feel great. not ready to hit the pavement yet [still having peeing issues...must always run with a bathroom within 2 meters!] but I think I have it worked out that for this fall I can run/treadmill it at least once a week. better than nothing, right?

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