Thursday, August 12, 2010

I'll take you there

so I got a hair cut today - shorter than the last few times. my hairdresser always straightens it when she cuts it, so it's always a bit funky the day of a cut. I am trying to get my bangs down to my chin - when their curly. I still have another year of growing, I'm sure!! I like it though...

there was something else I was going to share. totally forget...
OH! so, I'm officially on book THREE!! and it's killing me that I can't read right now - between getting the kids fed and all that jazz, my book is just sitting. I took it out for lunch today, but my lunch was so spicy [pad thai from wok box] that I kept having to wipe my nose...and couldn't read at the same time!!

SO, short post today - off to read! [btw, book two was good but I know that book three is going to be GREAT!!]


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