Tuesday, August 03, 2010

burn to shine

less than 24 hours and I'll be watching van morrison at the folk festival!! which THEN means that it's less than 48 hours until I get to see BEN HARPER!!! okay, so not since going to see Kings X in the late 90's have I been this excited about a concert. I *heart* ben harper. love his music. love, love his voice. I am a total folk fest rookie, but I couldn't pass this one up! SWEET!

so all my big plans yesterday - the get up early and walk plans? yeah. I woke up sick this morning. a total sore throat from h-e-l-l. I've tried soaking it out with buckleys cold and flu AND cold f/x. we'll see how that works for me tonight. I did get the first coat of paint on the floor today - and I'll finish it up tomorrow morning. the blue is looking GREAT! I am really happy with it.

all this and ty has an ear ache. I think I'm going to get that looked at in the morning. poor kid. the summer sickness has hit the house - I'm out to purge! look out!

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