Sunday, August 22, 2010

everyday is like sunday

I wish. because I like sundays. they're low key and generally quiet. this is a good, good thing. the kids had a sleep over at their aunty's house last night. good for us, but not so good when they walked into the house. LOL they had a lot of sugar and not a lot of decent food [unless you consider doritos a decent food!! and yes, this has more to do with them than with my sister - she tries really hard to feed them good food!!!]. yeah. all hell broke loose and my quiet sunday wasn't so quiet anymore. grrr.

so now they're in the bath. and my bit of quiet is back. and I'm watching undercover boss. have you watched this show? I like it. I'm watching the "white castle" episode. super cool. the boss guy can't get the buns in the bag. LOL I wonder what it would be like to be a student in my classroom...would I like me? would I feel safe? would I feel like I was able to risk and do my best? things to think about as I begin another school year [one more week!!].

okay, now he's working night shift on the drive through. SUPER FUNNY!! and the kids are starting to scream and definitely mess up my tv watching. I am totally the queen of the good mom's club today!!!


susan said...

Hey Cor, I know you have a bit of a potty mouth but re-read your last paragraph, specifically the FIRST sentence.

cori fraser said...

okay, FIXED!!