Wednesday, August 04, 2010

the woman in you

so, the basement floor is SO close to being done, it's ridiculous!! I just have some touch ups to do - then I can move furniture!! and UNPACK!! and then CRAFT!! I'm just waiting for paint to dry. and that's like watching a pot of water boil. TAKES FOREVER!

so today, is a lazy day filled with trying to kick this cold, cleaning, reading and watching tv. super exciting. I can't remember the last time I was this sick - I avoided a ton last school year, so I'm completely out of being sick! needless to say, I'm thinking that taking a sick day is okay.

on a completely different topic, I've been curious about my blog feed - I am amazed by how many people read my blog from completely different places - places where I am pretty sure I don't know people!! okay, so I know people in philly & florida but russia? anyways, I think it's pretty cool. even if they are google-stumbles!!

anyways, my wee ramblings for the day. it was either this or eat wagon wheels. I chose writing! YEAH ME!

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