Monday, August 16, 2010

gimme sympathy

so it's started. it's august 16th and they've officially started: the pre-school nightmares. last night, it was about not being able to get to my classroom when the bell rang. strangest thing. I was at school, I was dressed [some of my pre-school nightmares are about NOT being dressed!], I was on the other end of the building and I couldn't get to my classroom. yes, they've started. good times. there is only one more monday of freedom. and although I am VERY ready to go back to school, it's really quite a depressing thought. I am liking my days of leisure. my sitting about with a coffee, being able to just hang out with the kids and stay in my pj's all day if I want!

oh well, reality is inevitable. I am going into school on wednesday to set up my classroom, that will feel better.

last night john & I watched grand torino with clint eastwood. it's a couple of years old, and not my usual style, but I totally loved it. kinda a story of revenge and redemption all in one.

and now wow. I am sitting in a starbucks downtown and am completely baffled by what people wear. tight, tight, TIGHT workout pants. on someone totally NOT working out. and that's not even the real problem. the fabric is so stretched out that I can see that she's not wearing any underwear. really? I want to know this? the teacher in me wants to pull her over and say "sweetie, we can all see your bum," but really, she probably knows. and apparently doesn't care. *shudder*. this is why I am generally honest about stuff like this with my kids at school [okay, well in private...not in front of the WHOLE class!].

sorry, a total "off the topic" rabbit trail...not that I really had a topic. or was on topic.

I am debating buying the new brandon flowers cd - he's the lead singer for the killers. his new single has been released and I kinda like it. not too sure when the entire cd is released, but I am looking forward to hearing the whole thing. [okay, just found out that it won't be released until september. it could be the making a of a great "back to school" itunes playlist...]

okay, is that enough randomness for a monday morning? THERE'S ONLY ONE MORE!!!! *sigh*

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Cheryl said...

I loved teaching preschool! It was probably my favorite job I ever did.