Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I love rock & roll

and I could love running, but for the peeing. today was a bit better, but man alive. birthing children really wrecked me. sigh. they're worth it. kinda. LOL and I forgot that I was on the tail end of a nasty sinus cold. oh yeah, running one and one's while hacking up nastiness is just never good. so I switched mid way to walking one minute, then doing a large incline for one minute. 30 minutes of pure lovely torture.

then I went to dairy queen with ty. he had 3 immunizations today. and man, my kid is brave. so yes, a mini-blizzard and some chicken strips TOTALLY tasted good after my work out!!

and although I didn't go to weight watchers this week, I did get on my own scale and was down 3 lbs. WHOOOHOO. okay, well my scale isn't totally calibrated. let's see if I can keep it up for next week.

and now, exhaustion. this is double good.

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