Sunday, August 15, 2010


what do you do when the carbon monoxide detector decides to do some test beeping at 630 am on a sunday morning? well, after a kid woke up, and the alarm company was called just to double check and I figured out what was beeping and how to stop the beeping...well, we made coffee & pancakes and watched "a new hope".

and because I don't have a good "from scratch" recipe, I use my coyote mix - 3 pancakes for a serving for about 3 points. I LIKE!

mmmm...first one in the pan - the colour is all wonky in this picture...strange!

the boys helped by pushing the button on the coffee maker [and counting scoops!]

then they settled on the couch for some star wars...nate refused to pose for a picture.

mmmm...with homemade blueberry syrup!

so maybe not the grandest start to a sunday [I had plans to sleep in...!], but hey, not too bad overall!! and since I finished "the girl who kicked the hornet's nest" last night, I am now currently without book. might be a good thing for getting things done this next week!!

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