Monday, August 30, 2010

bang the drum

k, wanna try something SUPER yummy? I've recreated a martini I had in vegas. I had it at the nine fine irishmen pub in new york new york. okay, here goes:

1 pt vodka [vanilla, if you have it...ordinary will work too!]
2 pts caramel baileys [use the caramel kind...not the regular kind]
2 pts butterscotch schnapps

shake over ice, garnish with chocolate [if you can!]

seriously yummy. and a total recreation. I am a rock star.

and in other news, school was back in for teachers today - the first full day back. totally exhausting. good thing it was rainy today, because seriously, I did not want to be there! I know it will all be okay by the end of the week, but I wasn't ready to go back. oh well, what do you do? a girl's gotta work! it's going to be a good year, but I need to get into the groove, sooner than later...

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