Thursday, August 19, 2010

devil town

I'm tired of the taylor swift song title/blog titles. opting for tony lucca tonight.

so I was thinking tonight of my birthday - yes, six weeks ago - and the fact that I got to ride the roller coaster at new york new york that night. I had kinda forgotten about it. strange. okay, now I don't generally like rides, but it's not like I hate them either, they're just not my first choice, so that's kinda why I wanted to ride it on my birthday...a take a risk kind of thing. well this roller coaster is no better or worse than any other I've been on, but it was HOT outside. and the desert wind was fierce. so we get on and it starts climbing. and I'm a bit scared, knowing what's coming. and then we fall and I feel like my eyes are totally burning out of my head. the wind was hitting my contacts like something awful. so I close my eyes. and keep them closed the entire time. didn't see the view. just enjoyed the sensation of the movement and tried to guess when we were upside down! but honestly, I missed most of it. and now I kinda regret it. the point of taking a risk is not doing everything possible to not see what's happening. the point of taking a risk, or doing something out of the ordinary is to see it and feel it and taste it...all of it. all those sensations.

not too sure why I'm all philosophical about this tonight - just got me thinking. it's not just about saying you did it, but about totally being in that moment while you're doing it. maybe that's what a good run feels like too. and since I think I carb'ed up for one tonight [mmmm...yummy pasta!], maybe I should strap on the ol' shoes tomorrow and at least walk.


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