Monday, August 09, 2010

shimmer & shine

okay, so I have a new obsession. other than jimmy rankin doing "saturday night" as an ending tune with jakob dylan, brandi carlile & colleen brown on sunday afternoon. seriously, my favorite rankin family song. live. and jimmy, that man can SING.

okay, back to my new obsession. stieg larsson. I just finished reading the girl with the dragon tattoo. L. O. V. E. D. such an amazing, dark, wonderful mystery. and the main characters are so flawed and heroic and not twilight-ish that I've decided that if lisbeth salander was going to ever want a best friend, that I could be that person.

and then I watched the movie - with subtitles. and although the movie is NEVER as good as the book, and this was no exception, it was still a good movie. I was a bit bothered that there were really important things that were left out, but I do understand that a book of this size really would need three - two hour movies to do it any justice. they had to leave out something. or a bunch of somethings. and they did. still, it was a good movie and the actress that played lisbeth was lisbeth.

and so today, I went and bought book #2 in the trilogy. and I started reading this afternoon while the kids were at the splash park!!

and then there is still book 3. yeah, it will be done by the end of next week, I'm sure! so, there's my big obsession. I love mysteries. and I love these mysteries. it's really too bad that there are only three books. I could live with triple that many! my only concern is that hollywood is also making these into movies - and if the hollywood version of lisbeth disappoints, I'll be bitter and twisted!!

okay, ending here. this thunder storm is a nasty bugger. I don't need my internet coping out on me!!


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