Thursday, July 15, 2010's all in the eggs

my favorite part of being home for the summer is that I have time to make myself breakfast every morning. during the school year, it's nuke & go but being at home means that I can have eggs and toast every morning!! my mom recently has become vegan. I have toyed with this idea but my love for eggs has stopped this idea cold. eggs are my stranded-on-a desert-island food. they are a perfect bit of loveliness in a shell! okay, you get the idea. in an effort to be more conscious of the quality of food that I put in my body, I have been working to find foods that are raised or grown locally and my eggs are no exception. I havefound the most lovely eggs [they actually taste like eggs!]. I buy them at the downtown market from sunshine organic farms. if you are in the edmonton area, they are worth coming down to the market for!

needless to say, I was going to tell you about my most delicious breakfast this morning and I got distracted by eggs!! I made the most yummy egg thing - it currently is nameless! I took a bit purple onion and half a red pepper and sautéed them in some EVVO. then I beat two eggs in a bowl and added them to the mixture. some pepper on top and I let the whole thing sit for a couple of minutes - until the bottom cooked. THEN, I added some happy cow low-fat cheese on top [I haven't ranted and raved aboutthis lovely cheese yet...two pieces for one point!]. then I put the whole frying pan in the oven under the broiler for a couple of minutes [you have to keep an eye on it or it will cook REALLY FAST!] until the top was cooked.

okay, seriously, the cheese with the eggs and onions was delish! I have made this dish before with feta, but this soft cheese just added a whole lot to the texture and taste.

now, a good blogger would have taken pictures. yeah, that's what happens when you don't actually plan what you are going to write about until after the food is done!!

and some pictures - the kids were pretty tired this morning. ty was trying really hard to get nate out of my bed!!

oh, and I've been randomly trying to post that I've blogged on facebook. I am a bit unsure if this is a good idea or not, knowing my friend's list!! anyways, if you are stopping by and reading, feel free to leave a comment so I can see who my readers are!



allycupe said...

well as if you couldn't tell by the live traffic feed, i'm here. So the whole vegan thing is becoming a thing. I tried it years ago but with no support. I wrote about it TODAY on my blog. I've tapped into A Kind Life, and I'm pretty sure I'm heading this way. I'll start going veggie once we move, but yeah, eggs is what stops me too.

cori fraser said...

I have gone without beef for quite a while now - but cheese and eggs...not too sure if I want to live without them!!!