Friday, July 23, 2010

i'se the b'y

I am endeavoring to write positive things today because I am feeling a bit irritated with my kids. ty is having a really hard time settling down at night as of late and tonight was no exception. he is trying my last nerve on every level. and he is STUBBORN! [I may have mentioned that once or twice before!] and tonight I may have let words out of my mouth that were really hurtful. he was hurt. and once I realized it, I felt bad but he was still too hurt and too angry to hear me say sorry. in the last ten minutes or so, he's wandered into my bed and I got a chance to talk to him. to tell him that I love him so much. to tell him that I was sorry for what I had said. and now he's asleep. makes me wonder how many times I say things and am totally unconscious of how my words come out. or the impact they make. that I say things in jest and people don't know that. that I wound, not heal with my words. and I'm not just talking about my kids, but people in general. people I love. people I don't even know. just something to ponder.

on a more positive note, nate had his first sleep over last night - a little buddy of his stayed here yesterday! and the boys were WONDERFUL! and I survived chuck e cheese. john & I, nate & ty and two of nate's little friends went today for nate's birthday. I have to say, going at 4 pm was a good idea. it was super quiet [other than the uber loud "chucky" music] and the kids were awesome!!

and now, I am going to eat some m&m's - my lime green, purple, pink & orange m&m's from the m&m store in vegas! and I may just share with my once-again bald husband!


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