Sunday, July 25, 2010

sunday, bloody sunday

so we celebrated nate's birthday this weekend. his actual birthday was on thursday, but we did a small "cousins" birthday supper on wednesday night, nate had a friend sleep over and a special dinner on thursday then we went to chuck e chesse with nate, ty and two of nate's friends for his little party. then today, john's mom came over for lunch to help celebrate! it's been a true birthday week for my 7 year old!

apparently my little stretch of "crazy" has subsided. not feeling so crazy anymore - really bad pms, I guess - nothing like some severe overreaction to make a girl a bit crazier than normal!!

so this upcoming week, my boys are in full day soccer camp. it's a whole week of no kids, which translates to a a whole week [okay, like 3 days!] of stuff around the house. I am seriously wanting to work on the basement and get my stamping stuff all pulled out. I NEED TO MAKE THINGS AGAIN!!!! I am bit discouraged with my lack of genius in this space as of late, but tomorrow I am determined to figure something out!! I'll post before & after pictures tomorrow [if I remember!]. any good ideas in covering the concrete floor?? I may just paint!!

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