Saturday, May 29, 2010

this time tomorrow...

we got to do a walk through the new house today...just a little over one month!! WOOHOO!!

inside the new house - standing in the living room, looking at the kitchen!
below, the view of the front door...I am going to do a "hook" wall on that wall to the right [hang all sorts of hooks at different heights - I've been collecting some from anthropologie!! they have initials and pretty patterns on them!]

so we've officially moved out of the old house and are now living with John's mom. although the kids are having some adjustment problems, it's all going really well. the boys are not liking the 645 wake up time and the crawling in the door after soccer much later than normal [like almost 8pm]. three days a week we have a crazy schedule. add a haircut and a grade 9 farewell dinner this upcoming week and it's looking busy again!

so to add to my plate [or maybe to take care of myself in the midst of this chaos], I went back to weight watchers today. it had been over two months since I had last been, and the damage, although evident, was not as bad as I had anticipated. I was up 6 pounds. but, it being the first day of my cycle and having spent four hours last night eating [we were at the melting pot...YUMMY!], I'm not feeling too bad about it. and I set a goal for myself - that I would walk for 45 minutes at least 5 times this week. so today, I went on the treadmill at my mom & dad's for 45 minutes. it was good. I feel good. and maybe this time around, my behaviour needs to change before my attitude changes. I am not feeling all "rah-rah" about my life right now, but maybe I need to stop waiting to feel it and just do it. okay. so the kids are driving me nuts. it's 938 and they should be sleeping. grrr.

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