Monday, May 03, 2010

theme song

what is the theme song of your life? and really, by life, I mean current life - let's be honest, one song cannot encompass an entire existence, can it? I rotate between a couple [currently]:
steal my kisses by ben harper
sorrow by bad religion
uprising by muse
gives you hell - the glee version!
just by titles alone, looks like I am going through some sort of emotional crisis!! more like I am listening to stuff that kicks some ass. I am rather tired of feeling old. and boring [okay, I don't really believe that I'm boring]. I just feel rather blah. icky. not myself. what does this do with having a soundtrack? well sometimes I think that when you change the recording in your head, it can change your attitude. a change in attitude can change behaviour. I need a behaviour/attitude change. I need a bit more zing. I need to give more hell.

oh, and here's the latest house picture - taken on sunday! we have full-on siding and it's continuing to look more and more like a real house!! LOVE THAT!

what are the tunes playing in your head?

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