Tuesday, August 23, 2011

the kids are alright

less than a week and I'm back at work.  this summer has just flown by.  seriously, I don't feel like I've gotten anything started or finished.  eeekkkk!!  am I rushing now to get a bunch of stuff done?  sorta.  I am picking and choosing my projects though.  and today, although I am spending my day with my butt glued to to the couch, I did sort out a bunch of clothes for the goodwill.  but that's because I can't find my favourite t-shirt.  grrr.  I am very irritated with myself.  that said, my closet looks neater than it has in a long time!

tonight, I'm aiming to tackle nate's room {I have a painting plan that needs some execution in there!} and tomorrow, my craft space is on the line.  if I can get those two things down, I'd be happy.  all that and the stack of papers sitting on my side counter need to find there way into the correct spots!!

so the real reason I'm was going to write today:  we did the canadian derby edmonton marathon on sunday.  okay, well half {and no, I'm not under playing it!!}.  and I was super happy with our results.  fitter.  stronger.  fiercer?

 {at 5:30 am trying to get some food into me.  I don't like 5:30 on a sunday morning.}

 {my number.  my sister, mom & dad all registered as runners and I registered as a walker because I had absolutely NO intent to run.  apparently rae & my dad did run a bit.  my mom and I walked a 9:45 average pace...faster than our usual 10:00 pace.  trust me, that 15 seconds per km totally makes a difference!}

 {crossing the finish line.  it's hard to see but the clock says 3:32:19; my official chip time was 3:30:54.  super pleased with my results, considering how many bathroom breaks we took!!!}

 {just finished.  and super sore.  my quads have never been so sore in my life!}

 {my medal.  woohoo!!}

and now I have four months to train before my next half.  I registered for the las vegas rock 'n' roll half marathon in december.  and I'd like to run part of it.  that means that training needs to start next week.  16 weeks.  that and I plan to finish at least 10 minutes faster than sunday.  and although I've not met all of my weight loss goals this summer {shocking.  up two pounds from the beginning of july.  sheesh.}, I keep getting complements from people who haven't seen me all summer about losing weight.  so apparently something is changing.  and I'll give my walking all the credit.  it's frustrating though.  I really want those numbers to change on the scale.  and the only thing that seems to do the trick is cutting out sugar.  I hate doing it.  I hate sticking to it.  I LOVE SUGAR!  but it doesn't love me.  if I want to be down 40 by 40 {cheesy, I know.  but my goal nonetheless} I am going to have to be a little more ruthless.  yesterday was fairly successful in the no-sugar department, and today is looking good so far.  I just need to go day-to-day on this nasty habit that I need to kick the shit out of.  grrrr.

all that said, I am feeling fierce.  like I need to kick some ass.  and there is something about finishing a race that makes me feel like I can do anything.  that's a good feeling.  I need to bottle it and drink it when I'm not feeling quite so motivated. ha!

change of topic - we bought patio furniture this week.  deck.  table.  umbrella.  chairs.  it's all I need for now!!  oh, that and a good, long, sunny fall!

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lyssa said...

Good for you! That is an awesome time! And I love the patio furniture, super funky!