Thursday, August 25, 2011


so I started a new walking program today.  it's designed to increase speed and lose some inches.  and the whole thing is usable with my regular training program.  it's set up in 4 week increments so that there's enough variations to keep me on my toes!  so this morning I hit the pavement at 7am {john was walking in the door from a lovely night shift!} and did a 30 minute interval walk.  felt good to get my shoes back on after sunday.  I am going to follow the plan "by the book" for the next four weeks and then for the following four weeks I'll add in my long walks based on the kilometres I need for half marathon training.  and I'm going to do measurements tonight.  and maybe I can start shifting my hang ups that I have about the scale.

all that, and susan said I could use her treadmill whenever I want {thanks, suz!!}.  so no excuses!

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