Monday, October 10, 2011

hey jude

holy headache, batman.  sigh.  I refuse to connect the amount of vino that was had with dinner last night with the frontal lobe achy feeling!  I was suppose to walk 14k this morning.  I slept until 10.  I was suppose to be going to the football game this afternoon.  yeah, that isn't happening either.  nate is going to go with john this afternoon; ty and I are going to go to fridays game.

we did our thanksgiving dinner yesterday.  it was lovely!  and there are so many things that I'm thankful for.  I just can't think of them.  my head hurts!  so sad.

so I was reading mandy's blog this morning.  and I posted a comment on what I want to do this week:

write. walk. think before speaking. be grace. and bake some pumpkin muffins.
totally going into a crazy week where I’m in the office more than in the classroom. a whole different kind of crazy!!

and that's really it.  especially the thinking before speaking part.  the thinking and speaking ratio has been off kilter as of late.  honestly, I'm in a funk.  and I need to snap out of it asap.  maybe I'll be able to get 10k in today.  and I think some zucchini loaf can get made if I can find my grater!

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