Monday, February 16, 2015

to be alone

a lazy weekend.  kids in motion with friends and sleep overs.  big dumps of snow.  no sports.   cleaning off the pvr.  a bit of rest in the middle of the crazy.

two more weeks at this intensity.  in two weeks, hockey is in play-off mode, soccer slows down just a tad and school.  well school starts to ramp up.  I guess I can't really win!

so, in honour of the long weekend, a few of my {current} favourite things!

1.  so I was at the eye doctor's this weekend.  looks like I need reading glasses.  or bifocals.  or something else that makes me feel old.  grrrr.  so I'm looking for reading glasses that don't look like old lady librarian glasses.  I like these.

2.  hozier.  he's running things on my playlist lately.  take me to church is good.  the rest is even better.  TRUST. ME.  

3.  gotham.  for freakin' real.  I'm not even the biggest batman fan, but this.  this I like.  it's dark, slightly creepy and all sorts of fun.  and common.  it's ryan and marissa all over again.  okay, well without the warm OC sun and without marissa.  HA!  I really like ben mckenzie as james gordon.  and the frickin' penguin is all sorts of icky and lovely.  okay.  enough gushing.

4.  speaking of tv, how to get away with murder.  I am a complete sucker for crime shows.  mysteries make me happy - in book and in television form.  this show is smart.  slow moving.  back and forth.  it's a long running story arch, if you like that kind of thing.  I do.  

5.  I bet my life by imagine dragons.  I'm really loving this song.  ty and I have been plunking it out on the piano lately.  I'm a fan of a three chord song!!  good times!

6.  avocados.  no, guacamole.  I'm obsessed.  I eat guac with EVERYTHING.  and this is my new favourite, mainly because I don't have time to make it every second day.  and winter in canada?  well lets just say that the avocados aren't very great after they make the big trek north.  this does the trick every time!!

7.  I thought I could make it to 10 favourite things, but I think I'm stopping here.  but, I want to give a big shout-out to all my friends who've taken my kids in the last while.  I've been tired and sick for the last while and you've really kicked it up a notch.  you're my favourite favourite!!

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