Saturday, February 17, 2007

if you were asked

...for your top itunes to be posted on the "celebrity playlist" what would you choose & why? okay, here's how you play: 2 choices - post yours on YOUR blog or post yours in the comment section of my blog or email me and I will post it here on my blog: cori[dot]fraser[at]shaw[dot]ca! if you post on your blog, ask your readers to do the same...lets see if this can go some places & more importantly, if I get some great new song ideas!!

here I go:

1. ben harper: steal my kisses [live from mars disc 1] - ben has that smooth, simmering, sexy voice that is just chalk full of all sorts of hurt and longing and all things passionate. I love all of his stuff, but when he does this song live, well, it's like no other!

2. natasha bedinfield: unwritten [unwritten] - this is the song I play when I am needed some creative inspiration. I like the lyrics, the hook, the whole 9 yards...and I love british pop, so it goes without saying that she would make this list in some capacity!

3. the clash: I fought the law [the essential clash] - this song just makes me want to when I hear it I crank it and usually pick up a kid and just jump warned, though, it's the kind of song that just sticks itself to the inside of your brain and won't let go!

4. tim hughes: beautiful one - turns out, I have a bit of a crush on this man...something about amazing song writers with low, tenor voices. if I had to say that I had a hero-mentor-person I admire in the christian worship community, it would be tim hughes [okay, and robin marks as well, but that has more to do with the irish accent]. this song makes me sing aloud. every time.

5. third day: God of wonders [offerings ii] - love this song, but I love the way third day does it just because [okay, other than buddy's excellently low, gravely voice] of the little part in the middle where they cut to "holy, holy, holy" [the hymn]. I think that bit of tribute to the old through the new is brilliant and totally up my alley in all things worship. plus, this version is live and michael tate [of dc talk fame] does some of the vocals!

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susan santos said...

I'm not trying to avoid doing this, it just takes some time to think of songs...sorry.