Saturday, February 24, 2007

some things about a saturday...

okay, not about any saturday...just this one!

I went to my walking class today - 10k in the cold. it took everything in me to do the whole thing. it was one of those walks that you totally have to talk yourself into! but alas, I did finish and my legs are STILL attached to my bum. all is well.

anyways, there was a speaker at our class today that spoke about goals and motivation. and as expected, something struck a cord with me. she talked about writing goals [something I do well...personally & professionally] and then more importantly, about keeping that momentum going [something I have a much harder time with]. she also talked about designing a "to be" goal as well as a "to do" goal. for example, I have a lot of "to do" goals: lose 10lbs before spring break, drink 3L of water everyday, keep my calories lower than 1500 daily. what happens when life steps in? what would I do if I sprained an ankle? or when school gets ULTRA busy? or if a kid gets sick? lets be honest, life happens to all of us. what happens to me, when life takes a turn of some sort, is that I feel like a failure at my "to do" goals. the momentum stops. the good habits stop. I totally stall. what if I also had a "to be" goal? something that wasn't dependent on life happening to me? what if I had a goal like this: I will work at being kinder to the people I work with or I will persevere through slumps or I will be more playful with my kids? anyways, it's an idea - one that will have to simmer in my brain for a wee while!

all that on a saturday!

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