Wednesday, June 20, 2007

slowly, slowly

I am slowly working my way out of this massive amount of work. report cards are done, and in editing [thanks, yvonne!] and I am taking a half day to work on my ipp's. I need to take apart my classroom...good thing I have next week to think about that! the end is in sight and for THAT I am so thankful. it has been an interesting, challenging, difficult, fun year. I love my kids to death, but I am glad there are only 6 more days with this group! tomorrow I get to have a meal with some friends in a lovely greek restaurant. I am very grateful for the timing on this one. I need a night without boys. I have been doing some soul searching lately [ya know, in all my spare time!] and when I can get my head together, I will chit chat about it. I need to get back on the wagon with my eating & exercise...I am such a stress-feeder. I type this as I hear my ice cream walk in the front door!

more pics from the weekend! [my nate, the future quarterback!]

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