Friday, November 18, 2011

{I can't get no} satisfaction

so, I hit a treadmill twice this week.  45 minutes of interval training.

in exactly two weeks I'll be in vegas.  two weeks + two days = marathon day.  EEEEEKKKKK!  I have a plan though, and it's going to mean a tough, seriously intense two weeks from HELL.  starting tomorrow, no sugar.  two weeks.  no booze.  two weeks.  6 days a week of hunting down some time and a treadmill to hit those intervals.  two weeks.  fourteen days.

oh, and I'll need to get my report cards done too.  oh, and john will have some shifts in there...

thank goodness for susan.  and her basement.  with the treadmill.  just down the street and around the corner.

I'm feeling the stress, but that's okay.  because in two weeks I'll have some time to chill with john.  report cards will be done and I'll be in the right shape to kick this race DOWN.

and now I'm going to try sleeping off some pretty sore legs...

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