Saturday, November 12, 2011

ruby tuesday

so something interesting has happened this weekend.  I have an enormous amount of deadlines at work, so I came home with all the work {it's still in my bag!}.  instead, I chose another path.  I've had a bit of a theory for some time {thanks to glen erickson like 20 years ago talking about this at a youth camp that involved some crazy people and crazy singing other crazy things}.  and it's all about needing to be filled up so that we can give of ourselves.  it's kinda a biblical principal and the way that I generally live my life.  and somehow, in the last while, I've forgotten about this.  yes, I've carved out some time for me - I've gone and taken some breaks from the crazy - but somehow it hasn't been working.  and I think I know why.

this weekend, a series of unforeseen decisions and unexpected invitations have created a bit of rest in a different way.  a coffee date with a friend.  a meal with other friends, new friends, where all four boys go and play and we sit with wine, food, hockey and pizza.  and we talk.  creating community.  filling my soul again.  repeat today.  lunch with a friend.  dinner with another friend and her girls {both of our husbands are on nights} where it's just comfortable.  creating community over wine and laughs and food.

it's been a weekend of cuddles with small boys and sleeping in.  a weekend of snowfall, the first of the season.  a weekend of pots of coffee and csi re-runs.  a weekend of hockey games and football games.

as I continue to ignore the work in my bag, I know that this weekend I just needed some filling up.  some community to surround and strengthen me.  so that monday can come and I can be fierce again.

tomorrow I get to surround myself with more community when I step foot in my church.  the relationships are different there, but it's still a place where I belong.  a place that fills me when they don't even realize they're doing it.  with a smile.  a hello.   peace given and received.  and bring on monday, I'll be ready to give my heart again.  it's getting stronger.  fuller.  better.  when I didn't even recognize what a lonely, empty heart it had become.

grace when I least expect it.

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