Thursday, November 03, 2011


600 - up, after reading emails.  I know today is going to be emotional.
640 - in my car heading to starbucks
650 - on the road - the new road - the one that has cut my travel time in half.
710 - at my desk in my dark classroom, music playing; lots of work got done!
820 - parent phone call {just a bit intense!}
840 - school starts
845 - crying girl, worried about how she's going to make it through the weekend without being yelled at.
845 - everyone else coming into the classroom, getting ready for their day
940 - different girl, giving me the low-down on the girl "drama" going on...
1130 - lunch supervision.  'nuff said.
210 - kids leave
230 - staff meeting
400 - start of parent-teacher interviews
700 - end of parent-teacher interviews
720 - at church ready to play the piano for the prayer service
730 - gathering in community to pray for one of our own.  for healing.
830 - heading back to starbucks to calm the emotion.  this time, a gingerbread latte.
845 - home.  hugs for small boys, remembering to take in all the moments
859 - downstairs in the craft room packing up to take my stamping show on the road
1030 - kids are sleeping, john's carried all my stuff up the stairs, overnight bag is packed.  computer open.

not a typical day, but a day.  ups, downs, all arounds.

then I read THIS.  and am fighting tears.  I know it's all the stress, emotion, crazy, tired, pms from the day, but it hits deep.  so I get up and go take a moment to watch the small children sleep and get a hug from John.  and know that I get to love fiercely because I am loved and because my heart has been wrecked by love.  and I get to live because I have fallen hard.  sung terribly.  wrote crap.  feared all.  and in that, I get to live out grace.  and know I am blessed.

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