Saturday, January 07, 2012

dead and gone

week one is over.  and the end of vacation is mere hours away.  back to school for small children and the mom.  and back to work for john.  it's been a good two weeks off and I'm ready to go back.  okay, well if the kids could go back to school and I could stay home - alone - for two extra day, THAT would been good!!

john's been taking the boys skating this week and they're loving it.  only a couple of times out on the ice and they are getting fast and confident.  I'm glad that the weather has been warm and that they've been able to burn off a bunch of energy!

and then today I packed up christmas.  gone for another year.  and I decided that since most of my ornaments are not breakable, that I'd just put them all in one box and label the box.  I get tired of sorting it all out and I just wanted it done!  and plus, it looked really pretty in the box!

on top of all of this, I chose this week to start a no-sugar challenge.  it's been a week of almost no added sugar.  I've done really well overall.  there were a couple of espresso con pannas and one birthday cupcake.  like I said, overall, I've been pretty happy.  plus, the scale was down 2 lbs this morning.  and that's not too shabby either.  I also cut booze out of my existence.  tried.  okay, it's not like I'm doing that bad with that either.  I had a glass of wine on wednesday night.  and tonight I'm taking a break - from my booze and sugar fast - to celebrate some impending nuptials.  and sunday, it'll be lots of water to kick the crap out of my system again and start all over.  it's not about failing so much, but getting back up and trying again.  every good eating day is a better day for my health.  I'm going to just do this one day at a time.

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