Sunday, January 15, 2012

turn right back

my week in pictures.  sorry, my lovely twitter followers, most of these have been posted there!  I am loving instagram.  for the most part!!  this week was a bit of a gong show.  I was in the office on monday and someone pulled the fire alarm.  yeah.  on my watch, all 230+ students were outside as five firetrucks were pulling up to the front of the school!  john was on days all week, so it was chaotic.  between trips to the chiropractor, getting my car assessed and managing being back at work after christmas break...  yeah.  a gong show!!

 {new shoes.  I found them last week for SUPER CHEAP!  cute and cheap?  totally my kind of shoes!}

 {on friday, I got to go and see our new school building.  SUPER COOL!  okay, the school, not me in oversized steel-toed rubber boots, an oversized hard hat and goggles!!  I was a bigger safety hazard than anything in the building.  the picture below is of the front entrance.  compared to the current building, this one is really, really awesome!}

 {we went to the oilers skills competition with some friends yesterday.  the boys LOVED it.  we had decent seats and it was just a lot of fun.  the nice thing is that there were tons of kids and kids don't care if the team is sucking right now.  they're just fans of the game.  I like that.}

 {about seven rows up...and about four rows below where my dad's seats are}

 {did I tell you that I painted a wall in our house with chalkboard paint?  it's not totally done yet, but done enough that the boys can create.  this is what ty drew last night.  he loves hockey.  and wants to be a goalie...if you couldn't tell!!}

 {got this in the mail this week.  now I have two.  apparently a bunch of people didn't receive metals when they crossed the finish line at the marathon.  I got one, but I guess no one knew that.  I got a pink one on race day and this lovely blue one in the mail.  I'm thinking I have one for home and one for school!!}

{the view this morning from my front window.  it snowed.  and really, we haven't had much of a winter so I'm not complaining.  okay, maybe I am because this week is also suppose to be uber cold.  ick.}

so it was a busy week.
oh, and I think I scored tickets to the black keys.
and I wrote and entire essay on assessment.  ick.
and both children are still alive.
so is the husband.


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