Sunday, February 19, 2012

jimmy no more

so, my dear friend susan did a "did you know" thing on her blog.  it was a bit of a get-to-know me {her} thing and it was really lovely.  so I asked her if I could poach the idea and of course she said yes!  yeah!!  then I started thinking about it.  there isn't a lot that people don't know about me!  shocking.  so maybe I talk a bit.  or a lot.  but maybe, just maybe I can come up with a short list.

I love to read.  okay, that's not really news.  I am totally addicted to mystery books.  they are always my first choice!

I have a venti americano every workday morning.

I don't love my kobo reader.  I prefer books with paper.

I don't love scrapbooking.  I like making other things with paper.  like cards.

I hate baths.  and love the shower.

I can't decide if I really like straight hair on me.  it always feels a bit flat and blah-ish.

and then I can't really figure out all the compliments I get after I straighten it.

I've been trying to lose 10lbs for over a year now.  apparently I'm doing something wrong.

I love chocolate.  not just any chocolate, but dark chocolate.

my closet is colour coded.

I don't think I match most days {and I usually realize this when I get to school, not when I'm getting dressed}.

my non-matching issues have lead to a closet that is half full of grey and black clothes.

I watched the entire four hours of the whitney houston funeral.  and I could recognize {and name a song of} all but one of the artists that performed.

I wish I was irish.

I feel broke all the time.

poor grammar {especially spoken grammer} drives me CRAZY!

if I had millions of dollars I'd take care of my friends and family.

sometimes I feel alone in a room full of people.

most days I like me.  other days I confuse myself.


susan said...

How do you colour code a closet full of black & grey???

I love that I am a "dear" friend - thanks!!! :-)


cori fraser said...

grey, then black!!

lyssa said...

Love it! Have to say I don't really know what to do with compliments when I straighten my hair either, does it mean my curly hair looks like crap??