Saturday, February 18, 2012

ship to shore

I have a new band.  or at least a new song.  gonna find that video and post it for you {maybe not in this post, since this one is HUGE}.

however, that's not what I was going to blog about today!!!  I decided this week {valentines day, in fact} that I was going to chronicle my day through iPhone pictures.  and I wanted to share them with y'all.  so on this quiet saturday morning {okay, it's afternoon already, but you know what I mean!!}, finishing a pot of coffee, watching whitney houston's funeral, and eating a half eaten bag of pepper and vinegar kettle chips, I'm going to post my day.  I'll try to explain the pictures as I go...I had started adding captions to them at the start of the day, but that stopped happening sometime around noon, I think!!

basically I used two different apps - instagram and camera+.  I like camera+ because there are some good editing tools in it...and editing pictures is FUN!

 {love my chalkboard wall!}

 {630 am.  holy dark eye makeup!!}

 {in the car right on time}

 {no lineup at starbucks}

 {every morning.  same drink.}

 {I love that the sun is up by the time I get to school}

 {I know y'all are DYING to see my classroom door!!}

 {and my action figures...}

 {'cause I'm a dork.}

 {one of my student gave me this chocolate}

 {got these "flowers" from my students, via the kindergarten kidlets!!}

 {the drawer is a bit safe right now, but not's a total hodgepodge of stuff}

 {my key ring...}

 {got this from a grade 7 boy}

 {yep.  my class went to the library.}

 {tea after lunch}

 {jr high dance.  nothing rocks v-day like watching teenagers dance!}

 {my classroom at the end of the day}

 {saw these at save-on.  I love tulips.}

 {in the car.  the sun is still shining.}

 {my favourite boots}

 {if one needs a coffee at the end of a long day, an espresso con panna is the way to go.  especially if the shots are ON TOP!}

 {finally the boots are off}

 {standing in the kitchen making dinner.  penne alfredo with italian sausage}

 {the "making dinner" drink}

 {my jewellery.  I can't cook when I'm wearing all the gear!}

 {nate's valentines day envelope}

 {ty's love box!}

 {the wine with dinner}


I think there was one more picture of me looking completely BAGGED at the end of the day, but conveniently it's gone missing!  but there you have it.  a small glimpse into my wee life.  somehow there were no pictures of small boys in their red t-shirts and red socks, nor were there any husband pictures.  alas, they ate the dinner.  and showed up with wine.  it was all good!!

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