Sunday, February 05, 2012

what if we could?

so, two months ago I was walking a half marathon.  a crazy race that was like the day that never ended.  and yesterday, 60 days after walking 21.1km in 3:30, I put my shoes on and walked 3.2k in 30 minutes.  and although I felt like I couldn't walk another step, it felt good to get back on the treadmill.  when all is said and done, I am up one lone pound from race day.  and all things considered, I'm okay with that.  kinda.

so I have a plan.  I turn 40 in just over five months and I have a goal.  I am going to hit the treadmill once a week for the next five weeks.  and I am going to work my ass off to be down 10 pounds in the next five weeks.  march 11th.  10 seems doable.  possible.

so, with a week of crazy just beginning, I am going to cut all fake sugar out of my diet.  and booze.  again. and I'm going to just do this thing one week at a time.  or one day at a time.  because I am just going to focus on putting healthy food into my body.  and I think that I can do five weeks of no junk.  and I'm really sure that I can do tomorrow.  and maybe that's all that matters.

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