Saturday, September 29, 2012

be still

so I've been pretty singularly focused over the last while.  and for good reason.  my life has been school, school, school, hockey and school.  it's like that every september.  and this september has been no different.  okay, well a bit different.  this september has marked the start of a new school, a new school year and a new job description; add in some personal things that I've been working to confront head on, trying to keep tabs on eating properly, a seven year old that has fallen in love with hockey and all that comes with that.  it's created a perfect storm of insular focus.

in being wrapped up in my own self, I've missed some pretty significant signs that have been trying to point me in a slightly different direction.  however, it's not anything that is unfixable.  it's just that I lacked some perspective.  what I've grown to appreciate is that I'm surrounded by a community that cares enough about me to tell me when I'm not looking past myself.  like I said, it's not like anything drastic has happened or that I dropped the ball on something or someone, I'm just really grateful that I have friends who cut me some slack and shine the light of "the other side" of things happening in my world.

I've been actively working on bringing an attitude of gratitude into my life and replacing worry with gratitude.  sounds simple, right?  ha!  this weekend has challenged my ability to be grateful and I've been fighting worry tooth and nail.  money stresses me out.  STRESS!!!!  and in my world, stress equals worry.  and overeating.  and in the case of the last 48 hrs, lunches consisting of pumpkin pie.  exclusively.  I feel like today I was given the opportunity to change my perspective and begin to change my priorities.  I am excited about what this holds.  I want to live a life where gratitude is central and where worry gets beat into a pulp.  I want to live a life where relationships are my priority.  I want to live a life where I'm not overwhelmed, but enjoying every moment.  deep breaths.  and I'd better go get some sleep...we have hockey in the morning!!

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