Saturday, January 12, 2013

don't try

it's saturday.  the day of sleeping in, grocery shopping, laundry and sports.  so this morning, and this post is brought to you by my dear friend leanne who brought me this mug back from NYC!  mmmm.  coffee.

so I thought that this morning, in light of the busy "back to school" week that was, that I'd just list it out...and really, it's just to report on my "restore" progress.  this month, my primary focus has been on restoring my health.  I was thinking about it last week and in 2011 I walked two half marathons.  a whole marathon when you put those two halves together.  walking makes me strong.  it gives me energy.  I started 2012 with a fender bender which led to some whiplash and although it was nothing super serious, my back became an excuse not to move my body.  2012 was also the year that I started to focus on my diet, with not a lot of visual results, but a realization that my body doesn't like wheat.  then christmas happened.  and lets be honest, baked goods taste good.  VERY GOOD.  and gfree products generally taste like crap.  although I don't do a lot of substitution in my diet {gfree items are generally high fat, high sugar and not nutrient rich}, I totally fell of the wagon over christmas.  time to restore some good eating.  and movement.  so I set some short term goals:  eat gfree, do the jillian michaels 30 day shred and no booze for two weeks.  today is update time.

1.  gfree is pretty easy for me now.  I did all the work last summer to educate myself on foods that I can eat and foods that I can't eat and now it's just a matter of keeping on track.  I am giving myself a treat meal once a week; I go for lunch with my bestie on thursdays, so that's my treat meal.  then there were some cookies that sat on my desk yesterday.  yeah.  I wasn't strong.  they were warm, gooey, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies of loveliness.  and I ate all four of them.  mmmmmm.  did it knock my whole day off?  nope.  they were worth every bite.  so my gluten free eating hasn't been perfect, but it's been decent.  I'm tracking my caloric intake and I'm making conscious choices.  I'm being intentional.  for me, that's my biggest struggle.

2.  the 30 day shred is kicking my ass.  in a good way.  day one was awful.  days two and three were worse.  day four felt a bit better.  then I got sick.  soooooo sick on sunday and monday!  so I took two days off.  I felt that fainting in the middle of the work out was not worth it!  I started back at it on tuesday and it keeps getting easier.  woohoo!  I did 13 push ups yesterday.  and all the jumping jacks.  I still have to modify some of the cardio - peeing issues.  ha!  but that's not going to change much.  I can finally do the work out with weights and not cans of beans, so that's some serious progress too!  my bestie did some measurements after school yesterday {a week late, but whatever!}; we'll measure again when I'm done the 30 days.  that said, I feel strong.  strong is amazing.

3.  no booze.  less of a struggle than I imagined.  apparently an improved diet combined with a decent workout every day is helping with my stress level.  shocking.

so there's my update.  I'm determined to make these revolutions and not resolutions.  the stats are not great, so focusing on small steps seems to be key.  for today.

don't try.  just do.

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