Wednesday, January 02, 2013


day two of the new year.  much more exciting than day one.  ha!  it's a list day...yippie!

1.  nate's soccer team played an exhibition game today.  they won.

2.  I hooked up netflex to the wii last night.  one month free...and then we'll see.

3.  well, no gluten today.  that makes my belly feel a lot better.  a lot better.  plus I stocked up on belly-friendly food today - veg, hummus, avocados.  and I don't think their is any chocolate left in my house. I may have finished eating it all today.  ha!

4.  I did day one of jillian michael's 30-day shred.  I HURT.  she kicked my ass.  I swore at her.

5.  I'm watching sherlock on netflix.  I love a good mystery.

6.  tomorrow afternoon the boys are off to grandma's.  I get to clean the house and go out.  alone.  yippie!  oh, and I'm going to take down christmas.  also alone.  there has been a lot of togetherness time over the last two weeks.  I need less.  ha!

7.  I may go to a movie tomorrow.  the hobbit, I think.

8.  date night on saturday night.  booked a sitter and we're going to a movie.  skyfall, I think.  I like james bond.

9.  and tomorrow, I'm hitting the repeat button.  no gluten and the damn jm dvd.  bloody hell.

10.  I don't have a number ten.  but I am wondering if I'm more of a sherlock girl or a watson girl.  what do you think?

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