Tuesday, January 01, 2013

the night calls

so it's new years day.  a day of new beginnings.  a chance to start fresh.  I have mixed feelings about all of it.  am I setting myself up for failure if I set goals at the start of a new year?  what are the stats on resolutions?  awful.  I don't want to be THAT person.  but I kinda am that person.  or at least I think I need to try it on for size for awhile.  so this year, I'm setting a couple of goals.  and honestly, they are 14 day and 30 day goals.  I can do that.  when I'm done that time frame, I'll make another.  and another.  I just can't put all my eggs in one basket.  I like my eggs too much!

and then there's my one word.  I'll let that define my year...and let it change the way I do business.  and it will frame my resolutions and hopefully a revolution that needs to happen in my heart.

the idea of this word just came to me last week while I was walking into a starbucks by my house.  their word for the christmas season this year was rekindle.  I contemplated using rekindle when psalms 23 came to me:  "he restores my soul".  and that's when I knew.  it's not so intense as grace and surrender were, but it will require an enormous amount of work in my heart.  it's not easy to restore relationships. it's not easy to restore faith.  it's not easy.  but I suppose that's the point.  restoration - of my soul, my health, my mind, my relationships.  re-: again and again.

so with this in mind, I have set some short term, more tangible goals or resolutions for the new year.  starting tomorrow two weeks of wheat/gluten free eating.  as of monday {'cause that's when my christmas vacation is over}, two weeks of no alcohol.  and starting tomorrow, I'm going to do the jillian michael's 30 day shred that has been on my computer for months now.  I am starting with the easy:  taking measure to restore some good health and state of mind.  and I'm going to just take it in chunks.  and really, embrace the prefix re-.  for me that is getting up and trying again.  and again.  and again.

oh, and if you're wondering where my title comes from, I'm listening to jay sparrow right now.  go check him out!!

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