Saturday, February 09, 2013

all my life

so there was this time in my late twenties where I was obsessed with ruben "hurricaine" carter.  the movie "the hurricaine" had just been released and after seeing it I read every book I could find on ruban carter.  OBSESSED.  sad but true.

and this is my motus operandi.  nearly obsessive compulsive over the strangest things.  csi.  nancy drew.  anne of green gables.  long boarding.  sherlock.  and now, a new obsession,  eeeekkkk!  the rock documentary.  yep.  I know.  I'm a little crazy, but they're addicting.  and now I really, really want to be a rock star.  and I want to be dave grolh's girlfriend.  okay, shut up.  I'm married.  but you know what I'm saying, right?

so, here's my promo for all things good and special:
1.  go watch "sound city".  it's AMAZING.  so, so good.  if you love music, this is worth your time.  have I ever turned you wrong?  ha!
2.  then go watch "the other f word".  it's darn good too.
3.  and then borrow some skates and go hit the rink.  it's good for the soul.  trust me.  SWEET BLISS!
4.  I'm planning to watch the grammy's tomorrow - and be completely envious of the fact that I'm not in the room with all those rock stars.  and I'm looking forward to watching mumford and sons play.  live.  real, true music.

and since my brain is not happy with the rest of me, I'm keeping this short.  oh, and I'm watching "elementary" with my sleeping husband.  good times.

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