Saturday, February 23, 2013

downtown tonight

for a short week {work wise}, it was jammed packed.  kinda.  in a good way though.  it's late, and I'm tired, so I'm defaulting to my usual list-style type post.  hope y'all are good with that!

1.  last saturday night I worked a casino with some of my girls.  it was for our community league and of course, I always take the night shift.  apparently I'm stupid.  or crazy.  or both.  regardless, other than almost falling asleep at 130 am, it was a lot of fun.  and an interesting study in human nature.  people are interesting creatures.

2.  monday was a holiday here in lovely, snowy alberta.  an extra day off work was both needed and enjoyed.

3.  I don't really remember the part in the middle.

4.  so I took friday off work.  and booked John and I into a hotel room downtown {some of my friends gave me a gift card for a hotel for christmas.  best gift ever.} for a 24 hour getaway.  you know, every couple of weeks or so we'll get rid of the kids for a night, but then I see all the mess and things that need to get done around the house.  so I don't really rest.  actually leaving the house, allowed for some real rest.  we drank our faces off {it was national margarita day yesterday...}, watched hours of rescue me on dvd, went to a GREAT mexican place for dinner, and slept.

I didn't feel guilty about leaving my kids for one wee minute.  and I didn't feel guilty about my messy-needing-the-floors-washed-and-every-space-dusted house for one wee minute.  no laundry, groceries, cleaning, kids sports.  nada.  sweet bliss.  if we had some extra cash on a semi-regular basis, I'd do this more often.  okay, really I'd get a cleaning person to clean my house if we had extra money, but you get the point.  today we got up super late {okay, John did.  I was up around 10ish, made coffee and read my book} and walked around downtown a bit.  John had to catch the lrt to meet up with my dad and the boys to watch the oilers play, so I wandered around, went to the market and had coffee by myself.  by the time I had to pick Nate up for his soccer game, I was feeling refreshed.  rested.  good with the world.

5.  this brings me to my lenten commitments.  the no-sugar thing has been going fairly well.  I've been really good about not eating refined/added/fake sugar, but this week the goal is to cut back on the natural-ish sugars as well:  honey, agave, maple syrup, etc.  that said, I took 24 hours off.  I knew that this weekend "away" was coming and I chose not to worry about what I ate.  it's why I held off on starting the whole30.  that said, I've been working on cutting a lot out of my diet in advance so that the withdrawal isn't so harsh.  grains aren't too hard.  legumes, well I can live without them; I'll miss hummus though.  dairy is do-able {although I LOVE cheese.  LOVE.}.  it's the sugar.  and my scale.  I weighed myself only once this week.  this is progress.  changing my relationship with food is tough.  it's going to get worse before it gets better, but I am going to work at it.  oh, and the other big thing I've noticed is that I'm cutting myself a bit of slack as of late.

in the past, I've thrown the entire lent thing out as soon as I made a mistake or got off course.  this year, it seems like I have a bit of grace for myself.  I believe this process of denial is a worthy cause.  to expect complete and utter perfection is a bit harsh.  there is more I'd like to add to my journey of lent, but it seems that one small step at a time is all I can manage.

and on that note, I am blogging from my bed and falling asleep.  I didn't even really do my usual re-read/edit process.  forgive my grammar errors.  and don't point and laugh at all my sentence fragments and lack of capital letters.  THOSE are on purpose.

oh, and go check out tyler bryant on the internets.  his music was piping into my earphones earlier today.  a soundtrack for happy rest.

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