Sunday, March 03, 2013

house on fire

day two of the whole30.  so far, so good.

that said, I haven't cooked this much in...well ever.  I do a good job of making food, but not cooking food.  there is a big, big difference.  when I get home from a long day, I throw stuff in the oven.  I don't actually cook.  on occasion, I'll be on the ball enough to throw food in the crock pot and set it before I leave the house.  even this is rare.  and meat?  yeah, we don't eat a ton of meat in this house.  I think it's because it requires actual cooking.  my poor children.  to be honest, supper is usually on the go because of all the sports stuff we do during the week.

this weekend I've made sweet potatoes, egg/spinach thingies, baked chicken thighs, turkey burgers, and I've cut up more veg than I ever thought possible!  oh, and the turkey burgers?  I made a recipe out of my head.  'cause that's how I rock.  ha!

it sounds like I'm complaining, but really, I've kinda enjoyed it.  my goal has been to make meals can be a lunch then a dinner tomorrow.  or breakfast that I can pull out all week {my egg things}.  the spinach salad I just made - packed the exact same thing for lunch tomorrow.  I'm hoping that all the doubling up of meals will pay off when the week from hell starts.  yep, that's tomorrow.  we have either soccer or hockey every night next week. and on thursday, we have both.  good, good times.

so far this hasn't been super hard.  I feel good and I feel full.  my sweet tooth is my biggest fear, but fruit and tea are keeping that at bay.  I am not so naive as to think that the entire 30 days are going to be this easy, but I know that if I can make it through next week, I'm doing okay.  between raw pecans, hard boiled eggs and lara bars, I can survive the busy.  and when I'm not as busy, I'll cook and create some more interesting things in the kitchen.

I know, super exciting post.  I think it's time for a nap.  I'll be glad when we get a break from the 745 am ice times!


{nate playing soccer this weekend}

{ty playing hockey this weekend}

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