Saturday, March 16, 2013


are you listening to imagine dragons yet?  why the heck not??

I haven't blogged in a bit.  the last two week have been insane on way too many levels.  we're in hockey playoff mode and in soccer tryout mode.  I am out of the house way more than I'm in my house and I am tired.  perpetually tired.  whine, whine, I know!

so two weeks ago today, I started the whole30.  and honestly, for the most part, it's been pretty easy.  okay, well the cooking every night at 930 sucks, but really, the eating part hasn't been too difficult.  I've had only a few cravings and for the most part, my late night snacking has disappeared.  that said, I have set some goals for the next few weeks:  drink more water and cut out all snacking.  I haven't quite figured out how much breakfast to eat, or what that should look like.  and either I'm wanting something to eat at 1030 because it's a habit or because I'm actually super hungry.  regardless, I'm going to focus on picking up my water bottle first.  these last two weeks have forced me reset my relationship with food.  in the past, being busy has become an easy excuse.  if I can do this challenge and not let a grain of sugar pass my lips during the most intensely crazy two weeks ever, that is progress.  and it's freeing.

the only cheating I've done, is that I've weighed myself three times.  during this challenge, I'm suppose to break up with my scale.  and yes, three times over two weeks is a huge improvement over the every day that is my usual; but I'm going to conquer that crazy that is my scale over the next two weeks.

and on the good side: I feel good, my belly loves me again and I'm down 7lbs.  oh, and I like cooking.  it's a lot of work cooking and packing up all my meals, but I've been having fun playing with some new foods.

speaking of foods, I need to find some lunch.  two more weeks.

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