Saturday, March 30, 2013

I don't mind

saturday.  the lost day in the middle of holy week.  super saturday?  sad saturday?  common, it deserves a name too, right?

well, since I am sitting at home in my pjs, drinking coffee and cleaning off my pvr, I am lacking in a whole lot of creative thought this morning.  however, it's been a good spring break.  lots of coffee.  lots of pj days.  lots of tv.  and lots of sleep.  and a hair cut.  and a pedi.  and some shopping.  happy spring!

if you follow me on instagram, you've seen most of these...but they are my week!

{best store ever!  infused olive oils and vinegars.  so much yummy it's ridiculous!}

{denny's brunch with the kids.  their choice.  all sorts of crazy!}

{best whole30 breakfast ever.  
and it's sooooo happy making eggs in the morning and not eating on the go!}

{nate dying eggs}

{I did some crafting this week!}

{love the glitter!}

{ty dying eggs}

{bought myself some tulips from costco.  I thought they were white, turns out they're pink!}

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